© Dirk Alexander

Oh Cretina,


It all started when he went to kindergarten. Whether he was first in class or not, he’d always put on what he called the flower skirt. He even argued with other students over the damn thing. He’d wear it day in, day out.


He was always the creative type. Always doing things differently. Even at an early age it was clear that he’d be a “partytrasher”. Even though he didn’t go out until he was eighteen. But when he did, he never stopped partying! Music is his life and soul.


At the age of seventeen he started showing interest in make-up and dressing up. Now, five years later he is an accomplished make-up artist, and being a partytrasher is another way of showing his love for dressing up and wearing make-up!


Make way for Cretina the vampire mermaid!

Peacock Goby Fish