© Dirk Alexander

Higliss has an obssesion with aliens. His ancestors are aliens and he has always believed in magic. He lives in a world of power and of the supernatural. His dream is to travel to other planets and to show the whole universe who the Partytrashers are!


Higliss calls himself the colored one. He dressed up in fancy glitterdresses since he was four years old. Always trying to make his hair fancy. Dreaming of a famous life. Yes, he already had it in him when he was young. He even went to school in his trashy outfits. Ever since, he has wanted to show the world who he is and what he does. Now he's met the perfect friends to make this dream come true.


He grew up in a loving family in a small town with the biggest garden you could think off. It had it's own fields and forests, an endless place. Having that made it easy to live in the world of his fantasy.


When his parents divorced they moved several times from town to town. He showed every damn place who he was and that he doesn't care what the hell someone thinks of him. Now he left his mother's house to live alone and live the life he wants. With his friends. Acting famous and sh*t.


He's a real B*TCH. He's proud to be a partytrasher; 'cause he can live his life the way he wants, and that's what being a PartyTrasher is all about.

Alien Head