Born in 1729, the young orphan Jimmy Kidd grew up in the harbor of Dover surrounded by sailors and seedy pubs. It was here that she first got a taste for shanties, picking up a multitude of instruments and a proclivity for debauchery. In 1743 Kidd got her first job as a boatswain on a ship headed to Havana, Cuba. In the following years, Jimmy gained a reputation as a ruthless pirate and songsmith. In 1748 Jimmy Kidd met Captain Corvus who offered her the position of Quarter Master on his ship, the Eden. Corvus, an eccentric and possibly mad man, wished to sail to the world’s end and then continue his journey up into space. His ultimate goal was to acquire the moon, which he believed to be a giant pearl.


Kidd, intrigued, joined Captain Corvus in his quest. They arrived at the moon in 1800 only to discover it was made of rock, not treasure. Grief-stricken, Captain Corvus died soon after their arrival, leaving the command of the Eden to Jimmy Kidd. Captain Kidd continued to sail through space with her crew for about 250 years (though time, in space, is relative) before returning to earth. The crew of the Eden, forever altered by their many exotic adventures, each went their own way.


Jimmy Kidd chose to move to Antwerp, Belgium. In this thriving city, Kidd discovered how much music had changed since her time in space. She learned that electronic pop music was not so different from the strange sounds and tunes she had heard in space. Hoping to share her own creations with the people of earth, she miraculously came across four likeminded artists who called themselves the Partytrashers. Changing her title from ‘Captain’ to ‘Producer’, Jimmy Kidd finally found a port in which she could stay..

© Dirk Alexander