Princess Crown

© Dirk Alexander

This may come as a shock to you, but The Princess Of The Scheldt was not born a royal. No, he was born in a tiny town somewhere in-between the city of Antwerp and the end of the world.


From the moment he put foot in school, the teachers called him a scatterbrain, living in his own world and moving at his own pace. And to some extent, that is still the case.


His parents first caught a glimpse of his 'happy' lifestyle when he prompted to dress up as Cinderella to celebrate Carnival. Things didn't get any better when he was running in the house and garden half naked, claiming to be Pocahontas. So in a way, he didn't really need to be related to the king to become a fully fledged princess.


His coronation took place somewhere a few years back, when he flew from his mother's nest in order to study in Antwerp. The name of the street he first lived in, was called the prinsesstraat (literally translated as the princess-street). Needless to say that he had a princess-themed housewarming party.


Countless more parties soon followed, and it was in those trashy, dark nights of throbbing bass, flickering lights and ridiculously drunk dance-moves that he met the people he would join forces with to start this band. (Except for Cretina, who was his partner in crime throughout high-school)


For him, The Partytrashers are a celebration of city-nightlife, joyful moments and being what -or whoever the fuck you want to be.